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Canon image runner 3300

Canon image runner 3300

Canon Image RUNNER 3300

Bagi anda yang memiliki keinginan untuk berwirausaha dengan menjalani usaha Fotocopy baru/ Pemula, Maka mesin ini sangatlah cocok dan kami rekomendasikan, karna dari harga yang jauh 50% lebih terjangkau dari mesin dengan type yang lebih besar seperti iR 5075, Alasan anda memilih mesin ini karna Mesin yang sangat hemat Listrik , Pemakaian Tinta hingga 25.000 copy,  Lancar dan jarang sekali JAM PAPPER,Handal, Perawatannya mudah,dan Stabil dalam kualitas copy dan jumlah banyak, Mesin ini juga sangat cocok untuk Usaha maupun di Kantor.

  • Bergaransi Servis 1 Tahun/ 40.000 copy.
  • Bergaransi Spare part 3 bulan ( All composite elektronic )

Info detai Hub : Call 021- 457 55551 / 021 457 55552

Canon IR3300 Description

Supplying the widest range of solutions in a compact, cost-effective multifunctional system Today, with the rapid growth of networks, investing in a digital system makes perfect sense. Even more so when the new Canon iR3300 multi-tasking system offers all the convenience of a compact design, exceptional ease of use, increased productivity and cost-effective operation.With its modular structure, it can be configured for copying, scanning, network printing or faxing either as a complete multi-functional system or with functions added. The innovative one-chip architecture lets you continue copying or faxing while the unit is still printing, providing optimal performance.

Superior image quality
This 33 ppm digital system delivers high quality output for both text and images equivalent to 1200 x 600 dpi for copying and a high 2400 x 600 dpi for printing, with 256 gradations. Trayless duplexing provides productive two-sided printing.

Productive printing
As a productive multifunctional printer, the iR3300 system greatly improves your office document workflow. Optional PostScript and PCL emulation ensures faster performance. A3 printing, duplexing and finishing functions are fully supported. Seamless network printing provides complete document management throughout your company

Efficient, flexible faxing
The iR3300 is ideal for all your heavy-duty faxing needs. The main advantage is that it supports A3 output, duplexing and finishing with timesaving dual access operation and a high capacity fax directory to speed up operation.

Multi image server
A unique feature of the system is the ability to store scanned documents and print files directly from and to the hard disk. Users can then customise their own ?mailbox? with the ability to combine, edit and save documents for later re-printing, all direct from their browser. Documents can also be password protected, ensuring complete confidentiality when printing

Full finishing features
This includes an optional inner 2-way tray, an optional built-in finisher which offers full sorting and stapling functions without taking up extra space. An optional Saddle Finisher for booklet production and an optional hole puncher are available.


Canon IR3300 Additional Details

  • Type - Desktop
  • Imaging System - Laser Dry Electrostatic
  • Fixing System - On Demand
  • Image Server Memory - 128MB RAM + 5.1GB HDD
  • First-Copy Time - Approx. 5.8 seconds
  • Warm-Up Time - 29 seconds or less
  • Originals - Paper sheet, books and three dimensional objects up to 2Kg
  • Maximum Original Size - A3
  • Copy Sizes - Cassette A5 to A3 Manual A6 (Postcard) to A3
  • Resolution - Scanning 600 x 600dpi Copying 1200 x 600dpi Printing 2400 x 600dpi
  • Halftone - 256 tones
  • Engine Speeds - 33ppm A4, 16ppm A3
  • Duplexing - Standard
  • Magnification - Zoom 25% -800% in 1% increments
  • Multiple Copies/Prints - 1 - 999
  • Paper Supply - Cassette 500 sheets x 2 By Pass Capability 50 sheets Optional Paper Deck 2500 sheets ADF 50 sheets/A4
  • Paper Weights - Cassette 64 to 80gsm Paper Deck (Drawer) 64 to 80gsm Through By Pass 64 to 128gsm
  • Dimensions - 565 x 678 x 769mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight - 80Kg
  • Print Speed - 16ppm A3
  • Print Size - Up to A3
  • PDL Support - PostScript3 Emulation, PCL5e, XL
  • Memory - 128MB RAM
  • Hard Disk - 5.1GB
  • CPU - Canon Custom
  • Fonts - PS Roman 136, PCL Roman 80 & 32 Barcode
  • Network OS - Windows® 95/98/NT4.0/2000/ME, Macintosh
  • Topology - Ethernet (10/100BaseT), Token Ring (Optional)
  • Protocol - TCP/IP (LPD/LPR/Port9100/IPP/SMB), IPX/SPX
  • Accessories - Finisher J1, Saddle Finisher G1, DADF H1, Puncher Unit J1/G1, Inner 2 way tray A1, Paper Deck L1, Cassette Feeding Unit W1, Pedestal, Platen Cover Type E, Card Reader C1, Document Tray D2, Copy Tray F1, Network Multi-PDL Printer Kit C1 (PostScript3 Eumulation/PCL5e, XL) Network Printer Kit C2 (PCL5e, XL), Token Ring Network Interface Adapter iN-TR2, Fax Board


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